Ricardo Cruz

Programmer, data-scientist

Workshops / Public Lectures

Lightning talk on Julia

Porto Codes: September, 2017-09

Python for Scientific Computing

Porto Python Meetup, 2017-06

Python for Machine Learning

Open Day CTM, INESC TEC, 2017-04

Python for Machine Learning

Code Week, FEUP, 2016-10

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▶ I am also a mentor at Coursera.


6. Land Cover Classification Competition

RECPAD 2017 (pages 65-66)

5. Constraining Type II Error: Building Intentionally Biased Classifiers

IWANN 2017

4. Fine-to-Coarse Ranking in Ordinal and Imbalanced Domains: An Application to Liver Transplantation

IWANN 2017

3. Combining Ranking with Traditional Methods for Ordinal Class Imbalance

IWANN 2017

2. Ordinal Class Imbalance with Ranking

Ibpria 2017

1. Tackling Class Imbalance with Ranking

IJCNN 2016

0. MSc thesis: Study of HIV-1 Immune Models

Part of a grant by the Centre of Mathematics of the University of Porto

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Machine Learning

Several implementations of machine learning algorithms

Grant from a startup

Text crawler and miner for tourism destinations

Grant from a startup

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Graphical User Interfaces

Expertise: GTK+, Android, Python, C++, Java

Java Android games

Android port of a couple of games I had developed for Java ME


Bare bones RSS reader (C++ and GTK+)

Google Summer of Code for OpenOffice.org

Grant by Google and extended by Novell Redesign of the layout engine from fixed-point geometry to logical positioning (C++)


Qt style mimetizing GTK+

Apoo v2

Virtual machine for tutoring Assembly (developed in Python and GTK+) under Rogério Reis e Nelma Moreira (NCC)

Google Summer of Code for openSUSE

Port of the YaST configuration tools from Qt to GTK+ (using C and C++)

SuperTux, co-author

Very popular game shipped by Magalhães computers (C++)

▶ See my github repository for more stuff.