Ricardo Cruz

Programmer, data-scientist, human being

... someone who is passionate about science and an avid reader, I enjoy everything from biology to physics to economics, and the computational methods which help us make sense of the world.

BSc in Computer Science • MSc in Applied Mathematics

A few projects I was involved in

Text crawler and miner for tourism destinations

Grant from a startup

Java Android games

Android port of a couple of games I had developed for Java ME

Study of HIV-1 Immune Models

Grant by CMUP which resulted in my MSc thesis


Bare bones RSS reader (C++ and GTK+)

Google Summer of Code for OpenOffice.org

Grant by Google and extended by Novell Redesign of the layout engine from fixed-point geometry to logical positioning (C++)


Qt style mimetizing GTK+

Apoo v2

Virtual machine for tutoring Assembly (developed in Python and GTK+) under Rogério Reis e Nelma Moreira (NCC)

Google Summer of Code for openSUSE

Port of the YaST configuration tools from Qt to GTK+ (using C and C++)

SuperTux, co-author

Very popular game shipped by Magalhães computers (C++)

See my github repository for more stuff.